What is Nualgi Lakes?

Nualgi is a patented liquid formulation which is dosed into a water body once a week to once a month depending on water quality. It is effective within hours of dosing any size body of water.

Nualgi contains nano-scale micronutrients (5-100nm) required for multiplication of the ubiquitous and beneficial diatoms in any water body. Nualgi is all natural and contains Si, Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, B, S, Mo, P,K and Co.

Through the growth of diatoms, this revolutionary nano-scale formula significantly increases the amount of dissolved oxygen while kick starting the natural biological cycle already occurring in waterways. 

Artwork Pattern of Diatoms

Artwork Pattern of Diatoms


How Does Nualgi Work To Balance Biological Filtration? 

Nualgi causes a controlled and sustainable growth of beneficial diatoms.

Diatoms are special types of algae that live inside 'glass houses' - they have hard outer shells made of silicon and oxygen, the same elements that make up glass. These outer casings are made of two half cylinders that fit together like a jewelry box. Inside this shell is a single celled organism that photosynthesizes, releasing Oxygen.

The Oxygen is used by aerobic bacteria to break down organic matter.

Higher DO levels result in tangible changes like cleaner water, reduction in BOD, lower coliform levels, elimination of foul odor, reduction in mosquito colonies in water and healthier aquatic life. Nualgi is a substitute for algae control and nutrient reduction products.

Silica is a valuable part of the Nualgi Bio Filter Process

Silica is a valuable part of the Nualgi Bio Filter Process


Why Encourage Diatom Algae Growth?

Diatoms are responsible for almost one fourth of the oxygen produced on Earth.

Due to their glass like structure, they need less light to photosynthesize and therefore photosynthesize faster and earlier in the day, out-competing filamentous algae like harmful Blue Green algae (BGA) or green algae for nutrients such as N and P.

Highly mobile, Zooplankton feed on the diatoms and the fish feed on zooplankton thus completing the natural food chain in a healthy water body. The organics exit the water in the form of fish biomass as the biological filter is improved.


What Are The Specific Changes That Nualgi Causes In Water?

1 liter of Nualgi releases 200 to 1000 kgs of Oxygen, Produces 200 to 1000 kgs of Diatoms, Consumes 16 to 80 kgs of N and 2 to 12 kgs of P, Consumes 300 to 1400 kgs of Co2 and thus will significantly increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water while balancing the biological filter. 


How Do I Dose Nualgi In My Lake?

I Liter of Nualgi is applied to 2,000,000 gallons of water once a week to once a month depending on the water quality.

Shake the bottle well before dosing. Nualgi mixes very easily in water, mechanical mixing is not required. Nualgi is dosed by diluting in the lake water and poured in the accessible parts along the periphery of the lake near an inlet or on the water fall or over the boils. As diatoms are most active early in the morning, it is recommended that Nualgi be dosed at dawn, once a week.


How Do You Dose Nualgi In Waste Water?

Nualgi is applied based on daily intake of waste water. For an intake of 500,000 gallons of water per day apply 1 liter per day. For tanks not exposed to natural light, install 2 x 50 watt LED lights above equalization tank, anaerobic/anoxic tank, aeration tank, MBR tank and permeate tank. 


Are There Any Toxicity, Precautions and Side Effects?

Nualgi has been tested to be non-toxic as per APHA (2012) and OECD (1992).

Nualgi Lakes has no impact on humans and is even safe if small amounts are consumed accidentally. Beneficial bacteria, zooplankton and fish grow in a healthy manner in lakes and water bodies dosed with Nualgi. Overdosing will cause excess diatoms and water will turn brown. There are no side effects when dosed in water.

See Examples Of Nualgi Successfully Balancing The Water Column

Learn how Nualgi Lakes can drastically improve water quality management techniques. 

We have been using Nualgi across the world to help with water quality management for tasks from bio-remediation projects to home aquarium maintenance. This revolutionary project is still being adopted in many new industries with opportunities to make a large difference in the global environment. Learn more about our documents + trials as well as examples of solutions that Nualgi Lakes can assist to significantly improve water quality.