Learn Who Is Using Nualgi Lakes For Improved Water Quality

This natural solution has been proven to improve water quality across the globe. From private properties to municipal facilities, Nualgi Lakes is the first significant innovation for the water treatment industry in the past 50 years! This simple and new way to manage water will not only enhance water clarity but create a healthier surrounding environment for those who rely on this important resource.


Golf Course Managers, Superintendents & Greens Keepers

Make your putting greens greener and ponds more clear!

Golf course managers are experiencing less maintenance for their ponds and reducing the awful smell from overgrown algae. By kick starting their ponds and waterways they are naturally improving their entire environment. Overall maintenance is shortened and the health of water ways is improved for people who use on golf courses.


Private Properties & Waste Water Management

You will manage water quality more effectively and affordably!

Spend less time and money treating waste water with this simple solution. From farms to bio-remediation facilities, eliminate offensive odors and nuisance algae while increasing oxygen levels for less polluted water with this approach to bio-remediation. The surrounding environment will thank you!


Lake Managers, River Keepers, & Waterways 

Eliminate harmful algal blooms affecting the environment!

Lakes and waterways keepers are seeing these fundamental water sources improve from overwhelmed by algal blooms to becoming safe for consumption by not only humans but the surrounding ecosystem as well. By controlling algae and reducing odor, this simple solution is promoting healthier habitats without the use of heavy machinery.


Water Quality & Pollution Related Organizations

Solving big problems with small solutions!

Organizations removing pollution from communities have been seeing a large difference in algae control and maintenance with this simple approach. Without relying on chemicals, this affordable solution puts a stop to harmful algal blooms while promoting plant growth and protecting animals from toxic algae.  


Universities & Academic Institutional Research

A nano-scale approach to water quality management!

Universities and academic research institutions are investigating the value of diatom growth for water quality management. Due to the increase in dissolved oxygen levels the use of diatoms to remove harmful algal blooms is a very promising method for lakes and rivers nationwide.

Learn How You Can Use Nualgi In Ponds And Aquariums At Home


Nualgi Ponds  - Backyard Water Gardens & All Sizes Of Koi Ponds

On a smaller scale from Nualgi Lakes, the Nualgi Ponds formula is specifically designed for backyard ponds and water gardens to boost its natural beauty and promote a healthy ecosystem while helping with string algae control. Promote fish health, increase dissolved oxygen, and boost plant growth for happy ponding.


Nualgi Aquarium - Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

With two different formulas for Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums, this even smaller scale solution has proven to improve overall aquarium health by enhancing the bio-filter, boosting the nitrogen cycle, and promoting the growth of plants & corals. Learn how silica works in your aquarium to balance the system.