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Whether you’re managing a natural or a man-made body of water, a waste water treatment plant, an irrigation pond or an aquaculture farm, adding Nualgi to your maintenance routine will help you improve and maintain water quality - for less money and a lot less effort!  

With proven results from Commercial, Municipal, and Private users, people across the world are using our affordable option as a natural alternative to aeration, algaecides, herbicides, and mechanical filtration methods. Let Nualgi do all the dirty work as your new approach to water quality management.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Nualgi Lakes?

  • Increase Dissolved Oxygen - Nualgi kick starts a beneficial diatom bloom. When diatoms photosynthesize, they release oxygen in the form of nano bubbles which dramatically improve the oxygen levels in the water. Nualgi can grow diatoms in all water bodies including waste water and highly eutrophic natural bodies of water. 
  • Remove Nitrogen and Phosphorous - Diatoms are prolific photo synthesizers consuming N and P in the process. 1 Liter of Nualgi grows up to 1000 kgs of diatoms which in turn can consume up to 80 kgs of N and 11 kgs of P. 
  • Reduce BOD and COD - Through photosynthesis, diatoms release nano-bubbles of oxygen in water with a diameter of < 200 nm. These are superior to macro-bubbles produced through conventional means because they have larger interfacial area, higher inner pressure, lower rising velocity in water, long lifetime and high mass transfer efficiency
  • Reduce TSS and TDS - A combination of diatoms consuming nutrients in the water and increased microbial digestion breaking down the organic elements of TSS and TDS vigorously reduces TSS and TDS.
  • Enhance Microbial Activity - Aerobic bacteria, which are 3x more efficient as compared to anaerobic bacteria receive oxygen from diatoms and multiply in a water body with a healthy diatom activity
  • Control Algae - Diatoms are encased in distinctive, porous silica shells, called frustules that photosynthesize in poor light conditions and out compete other species for N and P. Diatom count in a water body is considered a key indicator of its ecological status.
  • Reduce Odor - Sulfur reducing bacteria are primary producers of H2S gas in the water. They live in oxygen-deficient waters. With the oxygenation of a water body through growth of diatoms, you can harmlessly get rid of offensive odor.
  • Reduce Energy Costs - With much higher Dissolved Oxygen, Nualgi users have reduced aerator run times by as much as 75%.

Stop wasting time & money worrying about your water quality!

Learn How Nualgi Can Save Our Oceans!

The world's largest life-giving habitat on earth is terminally ill. 

We cannot continue to waste time applying band-aids if we want to really make an impact. With Nualgi, there is true hope for large-scale success and global sustainability to restore the earth’s balance. It is time to act before it is too late!

Read more about how Nualgi used in Ocean Fertilization is the answer. 

Fish Are Dying and Together We can Do Something to make a difference!

Fish Are Dying and Together We can Do Something to make a difference!

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Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water.
Don’t sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.
— Carl Sagan

About Nualgi Lakes

In nature, Diatoms are the miracle workers that keep our water ways and lakes healthy.

They account for a quarter of the planet's oxygen.  Although they have been on the planet for just 200 million years, they account for half of the marine food chain! This proves their superiority over other phytoplankton. Learn how we harness the power of Diatoms for improved water quality.

Learn Lake Management Tips

Increased use of fertilizer, human/animal waste, and phosphorous from detergents flowing into our water is causing mass eutrophication.

The planet's population has grown from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 7 billion. With growing prosperity of developing nations, the demand for meat and more nutritional food has also been growing. All of this is leading to death from lack of oxygen in the water.

Who Is Using Nualgi?

See examples of how Nualgi is being used for improved water quality management.  

From private properties to municipal facilities, Nualgi Lakes is the first significant innovation for the water treatment industry in the past 50 years! Learn how people around the world are managing their water quality more effectively and affordably to solve big problems with this small solution. 

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